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Welcome to Saya

At Saya, we serve traditional Bolivian street food, plus a few unique creations from our store’s owner. Saya is just a few blocks from GW’s campus (our owner’s alma mater), in the heart of Washington, DC. Come by for a quick bite to go or to get your morning coffee. We're excited to show you our new location and introduce you to our expanded menu offerings!

New Location

1919 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite GR 07 NW

Washington, DC 20006

Storefront is located on 20th Street.

A Little Bit About the New Place

New Store + New Menu Items 

Fried chicken sandwich with tomato, lettuce, sauce, and fries on the side

While salteñas will always be a staple of our menu, we wanted bring DC more! So, we added a few more Bolivian street food classics plus some custom creations from our kitchen. Some of the new items worth stopping by for include, our sandwich de pollo — chicken, fried to a perfect golden brown, slathered with a spicy peanut sauce set between freshly baked buns — and don’t miss our papa rellenas — deep fried mashed potatoes, surrounding your choice of beef or cheese. 

Our Food

Salteñas and more…

How does a salteña taste? How about a papa rellena? While we do get into some detail on salteñas, often a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few of our offerings. Follow us on Instagram for more!

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